Creasing your Hips in Squat

Creasing your Hips for Better Squats I always want to make sure clients are initiating the correct joints and muscles throughout a movement, and with the squat I always look at where the hips are at the beginning of the lowering phase.  I verbalize ‘crease the hips’ and what I mean by that is to

Knee Replacement Therapy: A Quick Reference Guide

Today Physical Therapy Assistant, Megan Lynch has a step by step process of the therapy process of recovering from Knee Joint Replacement. If you are thinking about a knee replacement or your doctor has mentioned this procedure, this can be some very helpful information. When looking at a knee joint replacement or any significant surgical

Biking and Knee Pain: Sharon Lamb

Biking and Knee Pain Cycling is GREAT for knees!!  Low joint loading, no twisting and you can go at your own pace. Here in the Northeast Kingdom exists some of our nation’s most spectacular cycling trails and roads. Here are some TIPS to help keep your cycling experience pain-free: Setting up your Bicycle’s Seat Height

Slow Down your Bear Crawls

Bear Crawls are one of my favorite exercises that stresses the entire body metabolically.  I also will utilize it in a warm up.  Much like the Turkish Get up, it hits a lot of the areas I’m looking to warm up and prepare for exercise and will do it in a condensed amount of time.  

The Hip Bridge: A video tutorial

The Hip Bridge: A video guide Movement expert, Jen Hemond is back  with some excellent tips on a foundational movement that EVERYONE should be doing for better movement and muscle activation.  The Hip Bridge.  Here’s an excellent video that Jen offers some great advice for fixing the bridge.  Check it out!

Activity Modification: Step by Step

Attention Athletes and Active Individuals!!! This one is for you! Pain is not weakness leaving the body! For many of us lifelong athletes, that is not what we were led to believe. However, thankfully our therapist Kelly Wilkins has a great step by step plan for helping us weekend warriors squash old beliefs. Here is

Coaching the Split Squat

Coaching the Split Squat Working with clients over the years I have found that most struggle initially with the split squat movement.  As a coach I want my clients to be able to perform a split squat before a lunge movement and it was surprising to me how many struggled with this. Over the past

Cleaning up your Row Technique

Rowing is one of my foundational movements for almost all of my clients.  In order for it to be a staple it needs to be performed correctly.  There are a lot of things that can go wrong with the row motion.  A common example includes: shrugging the shoulders and using the trapezius to perform the