Today Physical Therapy Assistant, Megan Lynch has a step by step process of the therapy process of recovering from Knee Joint Replacement. If you are thinking about a knee replacement or your doctor has mentioned this procedure, this can be some very helpful information.

When looking at a knee joint replacement or any significant surgical procedure, it’s important to prepare the body for surgery. One of the ways is to build up the strength of the surrounding muscles. The knee is no different. Some have physical therapy before surgery to focus on strengthening the surrounding muscles. This will ensure a much more smooth recovery post surgery.


Immediate post surgery, with a timeline of 1 to 2 weeks, will start with proper gait mechanics most often beginning with a front wheeled walker to a cane/walking poles, manual lymphatic drainage, soft tissue mobilization, and passive range of motion.

As weeks progress the therapist will wean out the manual lymphatic drainage once swelling is managed and focus more on balance exercises and Range of Motion and strengthening for Lower Extremity. The muscle groups included are Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Glutes, Inner thigh and outer thigh, calf and core stability.

Physical therapy will typically come to a conclusion when patients have achieved an end goal 130 degrees of flexion in the knee and 0 degrees of extension. This can typically take about 4 to 6 weeks.


Megan Lynch, PTA

Megan has been employed as a Physical Therapy Assistant at Dan Wyand, PT & Associates since October, 2005. She graduated from River Valley College in 2004 with an Associate’s degree in Allied Health Science. Her clinical interests include lymphedema and pulmonary rehabilitation.

Megan’s hobbies include hiking, reading and snowshoeing.

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