All testimonials shown below were submitted anonymously, unless otherwise noted.

Susan G.
"Just so personable & caring & able to answer all of my questions."
"Susan is always pleasant and willing to help. If you ask her a question she will do her best to help you."
"She's amazing. Always cheerful, helpful, does great work."
Michael M.
"I found Mike very attentive. He explained very well what PT I needed and made sure I understood my "homework". Very pleasant to work with. He helped me so very much."
"Terrific PT - very thorough, positive, and focused on educating the patient!"
Jennifer H.
"Healing has a physical and an emotional component. She has been spot-on for addressing my physical needs, but her emotional support & encouragement made all of the difference."
"Jen is always welcoming with a smile & bubbly personality. She encourages, supports & is incredibly knowledgeable."

"For her outstanding care and compassion she has demonstrated each session. She is most knowledgeable and trustworthy!"
Kelly W.
"She is a great person & physical therapist. Is kind, caring."
"Helping me since 2004! She's the reason I'm walking again."
Brigitte B.
"Always smiling and ready to assist or help you do better, even those of us on the wellness program."
"She is very helpful whenever I have questions. She knows her job and does it wonderfully. She takes pride in her job
and always has a smile for everyone."
Tiffany B.
"Professional BUT very personable. Knowledgeable in her field. Makes an excellent cock-up splint."
"She's a caring and compassionate woman. She's very down to earth and takes her time with me and she shows
me she cares about my treatment."
Sara S.
"I got excellent treatment from Sara Stinson on my initial visit. She is very knowledgeable, thorough, and personable!"
Ryan F.
"Ryan is making sure that I am doing the best that I can and we are both working towards me playing soccer again."
Megan D.
"Great to work with."
"Very thorough and informed. She answered questions and elaborated if necessary. Very positive attitude."
Dan W.
"Personable, knowledgeable, very kind, caring, & friendly. Would recommend to anyone and would not go anywhere else. Thank you so much."
Renee I.
"She goes above helping in the pool; patient and very good at what she does."