Success Stories

Physical Therapy | St. Johnsbury VT | Lindonville VT

We recently conducted a patient survey and here are some of the things people are saying about us…

“I have received my physical therapy in your Lyndonville clinic. I hope you know the staff there is superb!”

“Great people, good program, helped me to recover.”

“When I leave PT I always feel so much better because you are the best. Thank you.”

“You guys are the greatest! Every member of the PT team provides outstanding health care and service. Your business office is very professional and accommodating. I am so fortunate to have your services available in the area where I reside.”

“Everyone at physical therapy was very nice! They made it easy to go to my visits.”

“All of you at PT are so wonderful. (We) feel like a part of your family. We will miss you after we finish with PT”

“Very good service at outstanding time.”

“Your department of workers are great to deal with. It has been a pleasure to be taken care of by such competent staff. Thank you for all you have done for me.”

“Great place, great people! Thank you.”