Creasing your Hips for Better Squats

I always want to make sure clients are initiating the correct joints and muscles throughout a movement, and with the squat I always look at where the hips are at the beginning of the lowering phase.  I verbalize ‘crease the hips’ and what I mean by that is to reach  back with the hips or flex the hips while pushing heels into the ground. 
Doing this before initiating the knee bend puts your hips in a place so that you are able to squat over your heels, your knees don’t scream forward over the ankles, and you are more likely to feel your heels drive into the ground and drive through your heels on the ascent.  
Take a look at the example in the link below in the video and how I reach with the hips first before the descent.
Additionally, as a coach, it is very helpful to have some verbal cues to instruct the patient/client on how to perform the hip crease effectively. Some verbal cues that help me relate what I’m looking for with my clients: 
Crease the hips
Lower your body into your heels
Hip Crease for Better Squats
Utilizing the hip crease before performing the squat sets your patient/client up for success and helps accelerate appropriate form which will improve movement skill and eventually healing/strength.

Ben Warstler, CSCS, NSCA-CPT, USAW-1, KBA, YFS-1

Ben, former owner of Fortitude Fitness Systems, INC (Bens Bootcamps) for 12 years is returning to his roots in rehabilitation. Ben graduated from the University of Maine at Presque Isle with a degree in Athletic Training in 2001. Expanding his Sports Medicine skill at Amherst College for 2 years working with 40 varsity athletic teams, Ben moved more into the strength and conditioning field but has always pulled on his athletic training background. He enjoys seeing his clients realize their potential and break through previously thought barriers in their movement and abilities.

Ben, originally from Maine, moved to Vermont in 2005 and lives in Lyndonville with his 4 children, and wife Nedah. In his free time Ben enjoys weightlifting, spending time with his family, and tending to his chickens.

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