Are you suffering from lymphedema?  Jackie is here to help!

Lymphedema is a common complication of cancer, but can also have other causes, developing when lymph nodes are removed or vessels are damaged. Fluid build up causes swelling and discomfort, most commonly in an arm or leg.

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Our very own Felicia White is a certified 200 hour yoga teacher!

Felicia is recently certified  through the Love Your Brain Foundation to teach those affected by a traumatic brain injury (TBI) such as stroke, concussion, or neurological disease, at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. TBIs have a range of affects on the body including confusion, memory loss, and can lead to low self esteem, and a feeling of “not being in your body.” Yoga works with the body as a whole and can help improve cognitive function, increased proprioception, improve balance and so much more. 

  Yoga  works with the breath and allows you to meet your body where it is at, aiding in the healing process of mind, body and spirit.