Carpal Tunnel. What is it?

Carpal Tunnel: What is it? In the United States Carpal Tunnel syndrome affects 1 in 3 per 1000 people.  It is an upper extremity condition that affects the median nerve with symptoms of numbness, tingling, burning and aching which affects the thumb, index, middle and ring fingers.    Once symptoms occur, there are multiple different

Coaching the Split Squat

Coaching the Split Squat Working with clients over the years I have found that most struggle initially with the split squat movement.  As a coach I want my clients to be able to perform a split squat before a lunge movement and it was surprising to me how many struggled with this. Over the past

Staff Spotlight: Neil Abella

Staff Spotlight: Neil Abella Neil Abella is our newest Physical Therapy Assistant and is based out of the St. Johnsbury clinic. Neil took units in Master of Physical Therapy from Southwestern University after graduating from his 5-year Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy course from Misamis University in the Philippines.   Neil graduated from the Physical

What the heck are Kegels?

What the Heck is a Kegel?  What is a Kegel? A Kegel is the general name for doing a pelvic floor muscle exercise. The pelvic floor muscles are located in the base of the pelvis and are situated like a bowl or sling. There are three main muscle layers. Everyone has pelvic floor muscles and

Staff Spotlight: Melissa Morrison

Staff Spotlight: Melissa Morrison Melissa is new addition to our office staff at the St. Johnsbury clinic.  She has hit the ground running in the office and has fit in perfectly.  Melissa is an insurance specialist who also ensures the front office runs smoothly.  After a 10 year break from the medical field, Melissa decided

Cleaning up your Row Technique

Rowing is one of my foundational movements for almost all of my clients.  In order for it to be a staple it needs to be performed correctly.  There are a lot of things that can go wrong with the row motion.  A common example includes: shrugging the shoulders and using the trapezius to perform the

Staff Spotlight: Renee

Staff Spotlight: Renee Ignjatovic, PTA Welcome to our first of many staff spotlights of our amazing providers here at Dan Wyand PT and Associates.  Our first spotlight is on our Physical Therapy Assistant, Renee Ignjatovic out of our Lyndonville clinic.  We interviewed Renee to shed some light who she is beyond the office:  What is